Dreadnought BJJ

Kids JiuJitsu Coach / Teen & Adult NoGi Instructor

Q: Who Inspires you?

A: My family is my Inspiration. Whatever I’m doing, whether it be coaching, competing, or everyday life, I know they’re watching. I have to “be better”


Q: What are you passionate about?

A: I’m really passionate about food. Especially any small portion finger foods that i can grab and go. Unfortunately, it does make it difficult whenever I’m cutting weight for matches.


Q: When did you first begin studying jiu-jitsu?

A: I began jiu-jitsu training during my time in the Marine Corps around 2003. I trained off and on for many years since then.


Q: What are your favorite moments being a coach at Dreadnought BJJ?
A: My favorite when coaching is when a student has that “AHA” moment. When you make that one correction or correlation between movements for them that pulls everything together. Then you sit back and watch as they evolve.